Hello. I’m Lisa Arick, and I’m a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I am passionate and committed to providing the most gentle, effective and efficient methods to help release subconscious issues, reveal limiting thoughts and beliefs, and create a pathway to healing emotional distress.

I am an integrative psychotherapist, a certified HeartMath practitioner who integrates Hakomi, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. I am also a graduate of Stillpoint School of Integrative Energy Therapies.

More simply than that, I am a person, and I believe we are all on a journey toward emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.

But I’m not in the business of “fixing” people. Rather, I help my clients connect with their unique and authentic selves in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Through sharing and conversation, I strive to empower clients to create a roadmap for self-discovery, and equip them to navigate their ways along the chosen paths.

In my practice, I like to help others live joyfully. Outside my practice, I, too, try to live in that joyful place. I enjoy spending time with friends, my family and our dog and three cats. I love to travel and spend time hiking, kayaking and simply enjoying nature.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can embark upon your journey together, please take the first step and contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you.